The Qadira faction seeks to control the commerce of the entire Inner Sea, breaking its enemies’ monopolies and enforcing its own. In the pursuit of this goal, faction members display a ruthlessness that can put the Chelaxians to shame. (Qadira is the Middle East and the best merchants tend to come from there. They’re not shy about illegal activity if secretive, but prefer legal bullying and strong trade deals.)

Faction Prestige Rewards

Validated Appraiser: (5 PP): You are an official appraiser for the faction, and can use Appraise checks for your Day Job checks.

Trade Prince: (Fame 20, 1 PP) You gain the honorific title of “trade prince” or “trade princess,” and become specialized in Appraise.

Expert Entrepreneur: (Fame 10, 5 PP) Through your many connections with the merchants and traders of Katheer, you learn how to better earn money with your own entrepreneurial endeavors. Whenever you make a Day Job check you may reroll any result of 10 or less. You must take the second result, even if it is lower. This ability may not be combined with any other ability
granting a reroll.

Master of Trade: (Fame 20, 4 PP) Using faction contacts and mercantile experience, you can always get yourself the best deal when buying goods. Once per game session, you may make any single purchase you could normally make at a 10% discount. This discount is not available on spellcasting services or material components.

Pasha: (Fame 40, 2 PP) You have distinguished yourself as a military leader in Qadira, and have earned the title of “pasha,” which you may add as an honorific before your name. You gain a +3 bonus on all Intimidate checks made against humans of the Keleshite ethnicity and natives of Qadira.

Faction Traits

Dervish: You trained at a secret fighting school in Katheer, where you learned the art of rapid movement in combat. You gain a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity caused when you move out of or within a threatened area.

Desert Shadow: You move with a quick and quiet grace, and your enemies are often taken unaware by your silent speed. You suffer no penalty on Stealth checks when moving at full speed in desert terrain.

Eastern Mysteries: Ever since you were a young child, you have studied the ancient arcane traditions of several Tian societies, and those studies have made your spellcasting ability difficult to resist. Once per day, you may select one single spell that you are casting that allows for a saving throw. You may increase the DC of that spell by +2.

Gold Finger: Your family comes from a long, proud tradition of housebreaking and thievery. You are a strong part of that tradition. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Disable Device and Sleight of Hand checks, and one of these skills (your choice) becomes a class skill for you.

Horse Lord: Your people are masters of battling on horseback, and you have mastered their rare skill. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Ride checks, and the Ride skill becomes a class skill for you.


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