Religious Traits

Prerequisites: Religion trait from your deity, and devout worship of your deity (where you subscribe to all their tenents and beliefs, and do not disagree with your diety in any substantial way). Divine casters are considered to meet the second criteria as long as they are in their diety’s favor enough to cast their spells.

Benefits: You immediately gain all the other religion traits for your deity.

Please note that most Golarion deities only have 3-4 traits, which means this feat would grant 2-3, keeping in line with traditional trait strength. If a diety has more than 4 religion traits total, whether from additional source material or house rules, speak with your GM for permission. They might limit this feat to 2 traits every time you select it.

Normal: You may only ever take one trait from any given category.

Special: If you ever lose faith in your diety, this feat no longer works (though you may not re-spec it in any way). If you follow the same or a different god in the future with the same level of devotion, it instantly turns on again, granting whatever religious traits are now appropriate. Your original religion trait, the prerequisite for this feat, is likewise switched to the new religion.

Religious Traits

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