Samsaran Primal Companion Hunter 1 (Megan)

  • Modified Hunter. Level 1.
  • Psychic bond with versatile animal companion. Animal summoning. Animal buffs.
  • Scholar can “hulk out” at cost of intelligence.

The pale blue samsarans are a race unique to Golarion. These humanoids from Oriental Tien combine Hindu reincarnation with Doctor Who regeneration. Whenever one dies, they are immediately reborn somewhere in the world – new level 1 class, new appearance or even gender, and new personality – though with many memories of their former lives intact. (Note that this can actually be a severe penalty, preventing efforts to Raise Dead.) Most samsarans try to live in peace and harmony with the world and its inhabitants, believing that only through inward perfection can they finally attain eternal rest in the afterlife.

Like most of her kin, Zakiha is more lent to mental pursuits than physical ones. She appears to be a scholar from an urban area, with a trusted pet falcon for civilized sport.


In the eastern Tusk Mountains, in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, lies a deep pit that resembles an inverted 13-layer ziggurat. These layers are littered with the bones of massive animals… and the lower the layer, the larger the bones, until they dwarf those of the largest creatures known to walk the surface of Golarion.

At the bottom of this pit is just one opening. Just large enough to admit a person.

This is the Earthnavel, and Zakiha knows that her ultimate destiny lies beyond it. She can’t remember why – hundreds of reincarnations have obscured her mission, her memories becoming a blur – but she remembers quite clearly that it all started there. And it will all end there.

Because Zakiha carries an incredible power. Whenever she touches an animal, she can cause it to errupt into one of its ancient, primeval forms. Her trusted bird can violently rip itself into a reptilian dinosaur at a touch, and any animals she summons quickly grow into dire and fearsome counterparts from ages long past. And when timid Zakhia herself goes beastial – turning into a hulking neanderthal – it can be hard to reason with her. Normally a keen scholar, her brain does not grow when her body does, making her subsequent actions far more dangerous for both foe and friend.

For some mysterious reason she’s able to tap into this atavistic power that her fellow samsarans cannot, or perhaps should not. It can be no coincidence that the rare few dinosaurs known to Golarion today are said to have first come from beneath the Earthnavel. But how can one find spiritual enlightment when their insticts so often turn base and carnal? Zakhia is determined to find out what is happening to her in this regeneration, and what it all means for the past – or future – of Golarion.


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