Scenarios are combined into yearly seasons. For the sake of continued story, our characters will somewhat follow plots across multiple seasons. Since we’re not playing PFS games, the season concept itself does little for us anyway (other than to describe the shifting political affiliations year to year).

Season 0: Year of the Inner Sea
2009. This season wasn’t actually made for Pathfinder at all, but rather it’s daddy D&D 3.5. Pathfinder was birthed when WotC took the third party licensing away, so this is also known as the playtest season. That said, many scenarios have been converted and many more don’t really need to, since 3.5 and Pathfinder are so similar. We’ll probably start here since some of the plots in season 1 are really continuations.

Season 1: Year of the the Decemvirate
2010. The Pathfinder Society explores a variety of opportunities throughout the Inner Sea. Whispers of a “Shadow Lodge” of disffected Pathfinders prove to be a reality. The Eyes of the Ten arc begins, leading some on an epic journey.

Season 2: Year of the Shadow Lodge
2011. This season involves the Pathfinders’ rivals, the Shadow Lodge, and the attempts to bring them back into the fold.

Season 3: Year of the Ruby Phoenix
2012. The season featured the Ruby Phoenix Tournament, and activities in Tian Xia (Asia). Five new factions were officially introduced for players to join – the Grand Lodge, the Lantern Lodge, the Shadow Lodge, the Sczarni, and the Silver Crusade – which caused dramatic political shifts across Golarion.

Season 4: Year of the Risen Rune
2013. This season focuses on the Varisian frontier and activities dealing with long lost civilizations once ruled by ancient wizard kings, the Runelords. Meanwhile Jormurdun, an ancient dwarven ruin, is discovered.

Season 5: Year of the Demon
2014. This year was split between two groups, for low and high level play. Each group contributed to the overall metaplot in its own way, helping the Pathfinder Society complete its expedition to fallen Jormurdun in The Worldwound.

Season 6: Year of the Sky Key
2015. The current season of PFS Organized Play runs until July 2015. It’s being referred to as the Year of the Sky Key due the focus on Numeria, a country of barbarians fighting over the remains of an advanced alien vessel.

Season 7
The next season begins August 2015 and ends July 2016, following their normal pattern. There is very little downtime between seasons: just enough to tally the final Organized Play results.


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