Pathfinder features three different types of adventures, which mostly describe their length.

A Scenario is almost always used to describe a game written for the Pathfinder Society. They are meant to be finished in a single 4-5 hour session. Built with PFS national rules in mind, they can lack some of the tone or features of traditional campaigns, but there sure are a lot of them to choose from! The Paizo web store tends to sell Scenarios for just $4 each. Each one grants 1 xp. A Pathfinder “season” tells a yearly story based around these Scenarios; they are currently half way through season 6, though it’s really 7 with the plots started during the playtest.

A Module is more what you’re used to. It tends to be three times longer than a Scenario, taking 12 to 15 hours, and might have cliffhangers built-in at certain intervals. We won’t use these unless some DM wants to, and each Module will probably grant 3 xp at the end (granting a full level-up).

An Adventure Path is a campaign. Each one consists of 6 Chapters, and each Chapter is about 20 – 25 hours long with lots of cliffhangers. (The store’s math bears out: the long running campaign I’m playing in has only recently finished its first Chapter, and I’ve already gone from level 1 to 5.) Each one has a very specific theme – pirates, mummies, and the like – and most have you start with fresh first level characters, and backstories tied to the plot. The experience gained here is best handled in a traditional way, though such characters tend to live their entire careers within the context of such Adventure Paths anyway so PFS experience shouldn’t even be a concern.

Below is a wish list of the various Scenarios, Modules and Adventure Paths that folks would either like to DM or play in. Please be good “stewards of the sport” and don’t buy or torrent quests that you’re not DMing, it will just spoil the experience for everyone.

Megan Scenarios (TBD) DM Almost done getting stuff ready to start the game.
Megan Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Closed Beak This is the Ravenloft-like campaign. Transylvania and movie monsters. This character’s a great fit. Addams Family vs the Munsters!
Megan Any Ranger Society Scenarios tend to teleport you to the action. I want to be in charge of party travel sometime, through things like this. Anything wilderness survival is good.


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