“Geb: Domain of the Dead

At a Glance

  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Capital: Mechitar (42,000)
  • Major Races: Humans, Undead
  • Major Religions: Nethys, Urgathoa, Zon-Kuthon
  • Languages: Kelish, Osiriani


Geb is unique among the nations of Golarion: a land where an undead ruler reigns over a vast network of necromancers, legions of skeleton warriors, zombie slaves in the fields. Sentient undead are common throughout their society and are accorded full rights as citizens. The living (called “the quick”) enjoy equal citizenship (depending upon their status) but pens of human thralls raised in captivity provide nourishment for the dead and power for the spells of the Blood Lord aristocracy, those royal necromancers sworn to serve Geb.


Long ago the country was devastated by a war between wizard-kings (also named Nex and Geb). When Nex called down cataclysms upon them, Geb responded by animating those slain as undead soldiers. This necromancer vowed not to rest until he had his revenge: he returned as a ghost, chained to his own hatred, and now rules with his lich-consort, the Harlot Queen Arazni.

More than 4,000 years later, the two countries are nominally at peace; indeed, Geb makes no overt moves against any external enemy, but the consequences of the struggle are plainly evident in the populace of undead that permeates every strata of society.

This land neighbors the Mana Wastes, with all manner of abominations crossing the border to rend and destroy all they find there. The twisted forests harbor terrors beyond imagining… and in Geb, that speaks volumes.

Can the living make a living in land where most citizens are dead?


The following are regional traits for Geb.

Enemy of the Undead (Regional):
Your disgust at the way the undead aristocracy of Geb treats the living has inspired hatred in you. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against any spells or spell-like abilities from an undead creature.

Friend of the Dead (Regional):
Your close association with the intelligent undead of Geb has imparted some of their otherworldly essence to you, and this helps you in your dealings with those encountered elsewhere. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks against sentient undead.


If you ever want to learn more about Geb, let us know if we can bug you for whatever you’ve gleaned if it comes up down the road.


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