Closed Beak

Tengu Witchguard 1 (Megan)

  • Modified Ranger. Level 1. Sword and board, or archery.
  • Tank. While not as good as some, she’s made to protect casters and spells specifically.
  • Few traditional ranger skills. The only terrain she’ll ever know are the woods, especially their secret and scary spaces.
  • Greatly increased spellcasting. All casting counts as divine, even if normally arcane (allows for armor).
  • Can glide or fly for short bursts.

Tengus are crow-like humanoids first hailing from Pathfinder’s Asian inspired countries. They have long broad beaks, with both arms and legs ending in powerful talons. Covered in feathers they do not have actual wings, though some can manifest them magically for short bursts. They are as tall as humans though tend to hunch over. Dark eyes sit back and to the sides of the head, giving them a more panoramic vision. They are thin and hollow-boned like all birds, though their plumage can make them seem meatier than they really are.

This one is known as Klohs’bik, pronounced “Closed Beak” to those unfamiliar with far eastern Tien. Ponchos and wraps conceal much of her person and belongings, though glimpses of a primitive, “Blair Witch” wooden armor beneath the folds is undeniable. She carries a wooden shield and a rusting flail. You can see patches here and there where her dark feathers appear to have been plucked out, and a few arrows in her quiver seem to be their final resting place.

Something about Closed Beak isn’t… right, though, and it’s plain to see once you know to look for it. She has a third eye in the center of her forehead, often covered by a ragged hood. Her shadow is that of a monstrous and writhing shape. Animals refuse to get anywhere near her if they can at all help it. Whether she is some sort of possessed tengu, or even a tengu at all, remains to be seen.


Whispered rumors would tell you that Klohs’bik is a witch’s raven familiar turned monstrous and commanded to protect her, or else some malevolent genie taking this form to corrupt mortals. Certainly her magic seems a bit different than the coven itself, for she knows a few secret spells that even they do not.

Whether the truth is either or neither of these, she seems content with her two primary duties for the witches she serves: to forage for spell components such as nightshade, and to protect the coven whenever required. This protection means leading wayward explorers astray in the woods as often as it means fighting them outright. When danger does come to the witches themselves, this tengu fights best when physically next to whomever she is protecting.

She is also constantly encouraging those she serves to cast as much magic as possible, even when it is unnecessary or other approaches would be simpler. While she seems knowledgeable in the oriental practices of far flung Tien, she strangely only seems concerned with the nation of Ustalav, this setting’s version of Ravenloft.

Closed Beak

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